With MAMI products you can build up a security or monitoring system to suite your needs, see the various applications below using cominbations of our products

Wireless Evacuation

MAMI's versatile Evacuation system that gives you the ability to send an evacuation signal to different areas in a 3km radius.

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Shopping Center Security

MAMI has a solution for all your shopping centre security needs, from shop panics to jamming detection to evacuation to portable panics for guards and shops.

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Wireless Pump Control

Monitor and automatically control the dam/resovoir level by communicating wirelessly to the pump 3km away.

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Wireless Nurse Call/Panic Systems

Wireless panic system for nursing homes, hospitals and retirement facilities.

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Estate & Complex Security System

All-in-one local monitoring solutions for electric fence monitoring, alarms, guard patrols and panic systems.

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Guard Route Supervision

Immediate online wireless guard route monitoring solutions

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